Center for Applied Housing Research

School of Public Affairs and Civic Engagament

2018 Working Papers

Based on research gaps identified during our stakeholder meetings in the spring of 2018, we commissioned 3 overview papers. Faculty and student teams completed these literature review and overview papers during summer and early fall 2018.

Fiscal Zoning: Why Does it Happen? How Often Does it Happen? And Does it Need to Happen?
Author: Jeremy Hill
Working Paper 2018-1

Overview of Health & Housing
Authors: Jessica Wolin & Jacque Perkins
Working Paper 2018-2

Jobs & Housing Imbalance in the San Francisco Bay Area
Authors: Dr. Venoo Kakar & Aditi Grossman
Working Paper 2018-3

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Seed funding from Merritt Community Capital Corporation for CAHR is greatly appreciated.

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